Horses on the Sunshine Coast

Grazing horse

When choosing a horse, knowing exactly what you’re looking for is important. Whether looking for a top-of-the-line racehorse or an all-around family horse, the Sunshine Coast has many options. When searching for your perfect mount, there are certain qualities to look for in a horse that will guarantee a quality animal.

What to Observe: Movement & Conformation

When looking at a horse, observing how the animal moves are important. A good mount will have a smooth, fluid motion that is very powerful. The horse should also be able to maintain this movement for an extended period without tiring out. Here are the basics that you should remember:


When spotting a good horse for sale, look for the following:

  • Smooth, fluid movement with a long stride and powerful hindquarters.
  • A horse that moves correctly should be able to cover ground effortlessly.

If the horse struggles to maintain a fast pace, it’s probably not a good athlete. In addition, the horse should be able to maintain this pace for an extended period without tiring. A horse that tires out quickly is a poor choice.

Balance and Rhythm

The horse’s movement should be smooth and rhythmic. This is the horse’s natural gait, and it should be able to maintain this stride for long periods. If the horse has a hitch in its step, or if the motion is jerky and uneven, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the horse. This could be a sign of lameness. It’s also possible that there is a problem with the saddle or bridle or that the horse just doesn’t feel comfortable in its current environment.

The rider should not be able to feel any discomfort while riding the horse. When riding, the rider should be able to maintain a smooth, rhythmic motion without frequently adjusting his position. If this is not possible, it could be a sign that the saddle is too small or too large for the horse.


Another thing to observe when riding a horse is its conformation. The conformation refers to the shape and structure of the horse. To check a horse’s conformation, the rider should look at its head, neck, chest, and legs. The horse’s head should be long and slim, with a narrow face. The neck should be well-muscled but not too thick. The chest should be broad and deep, with the shoulders well-located at the top of the chest. The legs should be strong and not too thin, with the knees well-formed.

The Rider’s Posture

A rider’s posture is important for horse riding as it can determine how comfortable the ride will be for both the horse and its rider. The rider should always sit up straight, with his shoulders back, as this will help to keep the rider balanced and in control of the horse. He should also grip the reins firmly so that he can be able to give them a quick tug if needed.

Health: Condition of Coat & Feet

Close up of a horse's coat

When spotting the perfect horse, it’s always wise to check for its health conditions. The basics that you can observe are the following:

The Coat

The horse’s coat should be shiny and muscular, with a clean body. The coat should also feel smooth and not oily or coarse. Additionally, the coat should be free of any lice, ticks, or other parasites. You can easily check this by running your hand through the horse’s hair and feeling for any lice or ticks. This could be a sign of a poor care regimen if you find any. You can also look at the horse’s tail. It should be clean and free of dung, dirt, or mud.

The Feet

The horse’s feet should be in good condition and not have cracked or broken hooves. If the horse has many foot issues, recovering from an injury will take a long time. Also, the horse’s hooves should be trimmed regularly and a good shape. If the horse’s hooves are not properly cared for, that could indicate that the owner is also neglecting other aspects of care.

Where to Buy a Quality Horse on the Sunshine Coast?

Quality horses are available online if you’re looking for a horse to buy. These horses are complete with photos and descriptions, making it a safe way to buy. Here are the guaranteed sites you can use to buy horses safely:

Spotting a quality horse can be a daunting task. Understanding the horse breed, checking its health and conformation, researching its pedigree, and ensuring that it fits your desired lifestyle is important. With these tips in mind, anyone can find a quality horse on the Sunshine Coast that they can rely on for years.

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